Operating Room Products

Innovative solutions that reduce the risk of infection, improve recovery and increase the efficiency and ergonomics of the operating room environment.

All-In-One Exsanguination Devices

Single use sterile tourniquets that offers 95% exsanguination upon application creating a bloodless, dry surgical field improving anatomical visibility.

Contamination Reduction

A range of single-use sterile drapes designed to reduce the risk of infection and increase time efficiency in the OR.

Foam Patient Positioners

Reusable, stable and surgery specific position solutions designed to reduce OR time by reducing prep time and simplifying imaging.

Instrument Tables

Instrument tables with custom sterile drapes designed to support any surgical procedure that is implant or instrument intensive, especially when space is limited.


Microbial Sealant, An innovative companion to traditional surgical skin preparation that immobilizes common and dangerous skin pathogens frequently responsible for surgical site infections.