Committed to helping our customers improve their patient outcomes, Surgical Specialties offer innovative medical devices and emerging technologies for use by healthcare professionals across a range of medical and hospital settings. From medical manufacturers worldwide, Surgical Specialties identify and select niche products that address clinical problems and add value to the surgical or medical experience. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales teams partner with Orthopaedic Surgeons, along with the Anaesthetic team, to deliver a customised solution.

Surgical Specialties offers innovative Arthroplasty solutions for Hip, Knee and Shoulder that are in response to the concerns of the orthopaedic commu...
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Our Infection Prevention portfolio presents an opportunity to combat the ever-increasing infection risk within hospitals. Consisting of products with ...
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We recognise that today’s healthcare environment requires meaningful solutions to improve quality, increase efficiencies and optimise patient outcomes...
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Our OrthoBiologics products provide non-surgical treatments for patients with early and moderate stage osteoarthritis of all joints.

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Surgical Specialties offer a market-leading range of solutions for regional anaesthesia and post-operative pain management. By providing a comprehensi...
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Innovative solutions that deliver improved patient outcomes

Surgical Specialties’ unique and diverse product portfolio is purposefully constructed to match our customer needs. Through clinically proven products, Surgical Specialties address identified customer needs as well as providing relevant solutions healthcare professionals may not be aware of. We focus on sourcing products that can increase surgical efficiency, lead to early return to function, or reduced infection risk, all contributing to high quality medical care.

Increase surgical efficiency
Lead to early return to function
Reduced infection risk
High quality medical care