Hip Arthroplasty

A comprehensive range of clinically proven products for hip arthroplasty. Coupled with innovative approaches such as SuperPath®, surgeons, patients and healthcare facilities can benefit from faster return to function, fewer complications and reduced length of stay.

Tissue Sparing Surgical Approaches

Surgical techniques for total hip replacement designed to minimise tissue damage and promote rapid recovery.

Femoral Hip Stems

A line of femoral hip stems designed to provide the broadest range of philosophies, allowing for flexibility in both fixation and bone anatomy.

Acetabular Hip Systems

A variety of acetabular cup systems that focus on bone conservation and flexibility for the surgeon for any total hip arthroplasty approach.

Clinical Solutions for Total Hip Arthroplasty

Innovative arthroplasty solutions that add value to the surgical experience and respond to clinical challenges of total hip arthroplasty.