Aerobiotix® Illuvia 500UV

The latest in in-room recirculation-purification-disinfection technologies, combining high air flow with a reduced footprint, variable output and real-time air particulate monitoring to produce maximum reduction of airborne bacteria, viruses and spores.

  • The Aerobiotix┬« IlluviaTM  500UV is an in-room HEPA and ultraviolet air treatment unit that uses patented C-UVCTM  technology and state of the art photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to maximise airborne microbial removal and eliminate both VOCs and odours.
  • With a variable output, it can disinfect up to 500 cubic feet of air per minute and achieves total air circulation in a 20 x 20 operating room every 8 minutes.
  • With its small footprint and low noise, no physical plant modification is required. 


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