We are Venturing Outside of the Healthcare Indusrty

Published on: 10 July, 2020


Surgical Specialties’ Infection Prevention Portfolio features innovative products that utilise UV-C technology to reduce the transmission of harmful pathogens in any healthcare environment.

But why stop at healthcare? Given the current climate, Surgical Specialties is committed to supporting all industries in the fight against harmful pathogens.

Schools, Gyms, Hotels, Public Transport, Food Services and Leisure Facilities can all benefit from the use of UVC technology and we are here to assist.


Through the use of ultraviolet germicidal radiation technology, THOR UVC® can be used to sanitise all areas of a public space, big or small.

THOR UVC® conveniently auto configures to function in confined areas such as store cupboards and toilets as well as large areas such as venue halls, delivering a calculated dose of UVC energy from floor to ceiling.

Illuvia® HUAIRS

The Illuvia® HUAIRS is an air decontamination system that uses a combination of ultraviolet (UVC) light and a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) to reduce airborne pathogens.

The Illuvia® HUAIR Unit is perfect for high-traffic public areas such as gyms, meeting rooms or restaurant, continuously filtering the air from harmful pathogens as staff and patrons use the facilities.

If you would like any information on how these products could be applied in your place of work, please contact us at info@surgicalspecialties.com.au.

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